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Plastic Moulding Technology

We are Glad to introduce our self as one of the Leading manufacturer of Custom Injection moulding company with a pro active and can-do approach, where quality is a way of life, innovation is an on-going reality and “Customer Delight” is our first priority.

We have manufacturing unit at Manjusar GIDC, Gujarat & Aurangabad MIDC, Maharashtra. A team of Process engineers, Plastic engineer, Quality engineer, Tooling engineer and project engineer with hand on experience in industries, processing the advanced engineering plastics takes care of every need of customers at high precision. We take idea through concept to engineering drawing, prototypes, validating, tool designing and manufacture of high precision machineries and component.

We are “ONE STOP SHOP” to all your requirements, starting with Product designing & development, material selection, process selection, mould development and moulding facility.

Product Design and Development

  • One of our strength is to take an idea through concept to engineering drawing, prototypes, validation, tool design and manufacture of final components and assemblies. Engineering Services that we offer are,
    • Concept Creation
    • Prototype Product (SLAs)
    • Product Design Assistance
    • Material Selection Assistance
    • Mold Design
    • Mold flow analysis
    • Mold Development & Validation
    • Commercial production

    Plastic Material Selection

    The choice of the right material for a product can be critical to the success of the product. The selection of the right material can influence design on many levels. Perhaps the most obvious considerations are manufacturing costs and performance of the end product.

    Plastics parts for technical applications usually have to meet a whole range of requirements. These requirements include and not limited to minimum values for strength, stiffness; thermal deformation temperature, impact resistance, environmental stress resistance, chemical resistance and UV resistance. In assemblies, these requirements may include coefficient of friction; wear resistance, compatibility with other materials, etc. Decorating & Assembly process like printing, painting, coating, welding, do have specific impact on selection of material.

    With experience in Plastics, we can assist you achieve prefect balance between cost and performance of the product to grow in competitive market.

    There are more than 50,000 plastics to choose for right application. Some popular materials are,

    Here expertise on plastics material comes in picture.

    • Polyethylene – HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE
    • Polypropylene- PP, GFPP, TFPP
    • Product Design Assistance
    • Polycarbonate – PC
    • Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene – ABS
    • Polyamides : Nylon 6, 6/6, 6/12, 11, 12, 24
    • Polycarbonate/Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Blend : PC- ABS Blend
    • Poly Ether Ether Keton- PEEK
    • Polystyrene – GPPS, HIPS
    • Thermoplastic Elastomer - TPE
    • PolyOxy Methylene : POM
    • Polyesters : PBT, PET
    • High Impact Polystyrene : HIPS
    • Poly Methyl Methcrylate : PMMA