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Solventless /Solventbase Laminating machine

We have developed special type of import substitute solventless machine to get optimum quality of coating evenness with in cooperate with world class equipment, sophisticated tension control system to get high quality of coating at high speed to get maximum production at reasonable price and also it take care of large quantity of laminates in non-messy & organized manner.

We have developed machine with specialized technical specifications which are listed below,

  • Web width: 800mm / 1000mm / 1200rnm
  • Unwind Rewind Dia: 800-1000mm
  • Roll weight up to 800 Kg.
  • Machine Speed for Solventless Laminating Machine - 350 to 400 MPM
  • Machine Speed for Solventbase Laminating Machine – 180 – 200 MPM

Our Machine can laminate product like BOPP, OPP, PET, LDPE,CPP, PP, PE, Nylon, ALUFOIL, Paper etc.

Rotogravure Printing machine ( With MLS of 200 to 250 MPM and With ELS 300 to 350 MPM )

We have developed Rotogravure Printing machine with capacity upto 10 colours with or without Turret with customization. Our product has integral capacity to increase productivity to match customer requirement.

Slitter Re winder machine ( 500 MPM )

Our developed product can offer accurate slitting and rewinding qualities. It ensures consistency in line speed, Flawless results and perfect slitting .our machine can comply the requirement of clients.

Draw Frame with autoleveller

We are manufacturing Draw Frame machine with all types widely used in industry. Our Draw Frame machines are equipped with Modern technology to give higher throughput. We are in manufacturing of Basic Draw Frame along with Auto leveller also as per latest market trend. We have also facility to retrofit old version of machines of working or non working condition with auto leveler attachment for enhancement of technology.